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The Everyday Happenings of Lizzy

... almost.

3 December
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I love the wide open spaces and most living things except slugs, and also maggots and caterpillars because to me they're sqidgy like slugs and therefore just as freaky. I'm something of a livewire and can never sit still, so meditating is a major challenge, but I love exploring new places. Food is one of my passions and I'll eat almost anything as long as it doesn't contain mushrooms or snails. When traveling I'll fearlessly sample the local cuisine - Spanish tummy be damned. Trying to play new musical instruments is one of my favourite things, but I've had to commit to just a few for now. You'll find me singing on most occasions and in most places - the shower, whilst cooking, driving, pottering around the house/other people's houses - I also get paid to sing sometimes, which is brilliant. I'm classically trained but can sing in a variety of styles. My late Mum was my teacher and she was awesome. I miss her lots but I still have my Dad & get on so well with my stepmum. Also I've built up a great little urban family here in Brum. Right now, I'm listening to Martha Tilston and wondering why this site doesn't recognise the word 'Brum'! Surely even if it doesn't know it's a town, it knows that a car goes brum brum? Is that how you spell it?! Maybe it's all a matter of opinion. Baldrick thinks a motorbike goes 'rrrrrrrrr, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr'. My cat is 16 years old and she's a feisty little madam; she definitely rules our house. Joel and I are subject to her every whim. I met my Joel in 2003 while still at Uni but it took us another 5 years to get together, mostly because I'm a muppet and failed to realise how much I loved him. And the love's still going strong, so we count ourselves very lucky. Recession notwithstanding! In the future we plan to raise chickens in the country and get a German shepherd or two. It'll be just like The Good Life, except a lot less suburban.
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